Online and Technology


The Anxiety and Depression Association of America is the leading professional organization for anxiety and depression disorders. Their website offers so many great resources including articles and blog posts, webinars and podcasts from experts in the field as well stories of triumph from others with these disorders. 

The International Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Foundation is a great resource for individuals and families affected by OCD as well as the professionals who treat them. 

The TLC Foundation for Body Focused Repetitive Behavior Disorders is an excellent resource for people with BFRBs like skin picking and hair pulling. 

The Mindful Way Through Anxiety is a fantastic and insightful website by Drs. Sue Orsillo and Liz Roemer, leaders in the area of mindfulness and anxiety. They have shared several of their mindfulness exercises for free!

The Child Mind Institute is a non-profit organization that shares information about a range of kid-related topics.

The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley is a fantastic positive psychology resource. They have an online magazine, blog posts, podcasts, and even a free Science of Happiness course.

Mobile Applications

There are a number of great apps to help manage mental health, and new ones come out regularly. Below are the ones I routinely recommend, or you can check out ADAA’s comprehensive reviews of mental health apps for more options and information.

NOCD - Good for individuals with OCD. This app helps you design and track your ERP (Exposure with Response Prevention) efforts.

Anxiety Challenger - Based on Dr. Reid Wilson’s work, this app helps you design and track challenges to overcome anxiety and OCD. It keeps your score and lets you earn rewards.

MindShift CBT- Good for a variety of anxiety symptoms, this app guides you through a number of CBT skills and techniques including relaxation, changing your thinking, and mindfulness.

Headspace and 10% Happier - These apps are great for beginning mindfulness practices. They offer a free component as well as a paid subscription option.

Breath2Relax - This app gives you a quick guided breathing exercise when you to calm and focus.

E-Courses & Online Self-Help Programs

CBT School  - For at-home, self-help with mindfulness, BFRBs, and Exposure with Response Prevention, the gold standard therapy for OCD.

Stop Worrying: Powerful New Tools for Anxiety Relief - Provides practical information and tools for managing a variety of anxiety and OCD symptoms.

Stop Pulling - For trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling).

Stop Picking and Stop Picking Coach - For compulsive skin picking

Go Zen! - For anxious kids and their parents or educators.


Spire is like a fitbit for your state of mind. It does track your activity level, but it also monitors your breath, alerting you when your body is in a tense state and helping you to calm and relax. It pairs with an app so you can review your data or practice guided relaxation exercises when needed.

HabitAware and StopBit bracelets help you become aware of habits like hair pulling and skin picking.