Individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Research clearly shows that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the most effective type of therapy for anxiety disorders, and CBT strategies will form the basis of our work together. You, however, are not just your disorder. Incorporating the latest science and practice from positive psychology, which focuses on building strengths and making more of the “good stuff,” will help ensure that you are treated as a whole person. Together, we will work to get your symptoms under control and focus on building the life you want to live!

The Therapy Process

The therapy process begins with a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation. This 90-120 minute session costs $350. It involves structured and unstructured clinical interviews and questionnaires that will provide a thorough understanding of your symptoms and an accurate diagnosis. This information is used to develop an individualized treatment plan, based on proven techniques and interventions. This plan is designed to reduce your symptoms and achieve mutually agreed upon goals.

Following the evaluation, active therapy begins. The course of therapy usually starts with education to help you gain a better understanding of your symptoms or disorder(s) and problem patterns of thinking and behavior. This phase is followed by learning skills to manage symptoms and identifying helpful changes to make. Expect to do some work outside of sessions! Based on what we cover in session, we will set some goals for you to focus on until we meet again. It’s important to keep in mind that about 80-90% of your progress will come from what you do outside of session.

Most people need weekly sessions for a period of time (most CBT treatments average 12-20 sessions, though that number may vary depending on factors like symptom severity, life stressors, effort, and follow through). Standard sessions are 45-55 minutes and cost $175. Occasionally, some people may need extended sessions depending on treatment goals and techniques being used; extended sessions range from 80-100 minutes and are $350. As progress is made, the frequency and/or length of sessions decreases (e.g., every other week or monthly, 20-30 minutes). Once active treatment wraps up, some people benefit from periodic booster sessions or “check ups.”

In addition to providing therapy, I am also available for consultation and speaking engagements or professional trainings.