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Parenting An Anxious Child: Beyond the Basics Workshop

  • 6155 Oak Street, Suite C Kansas City, MO 64113 USA (map)
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Parents can reduce their child’s anxiety!

The Yale Child Study Center recently released the results from a treatment program for childhood anxiety that included ONLY parents / caregivers - they didn’t involve the kids at all. Guess what they found? Their program led to a significant decrease in children’s anxiety!

Based on this ground-breaking work, as well as 15+ years of studying and treating childhood anxiety disorders, Dr. Ashley Smith presents:

Parenting An Anxious Child: Beyond the Basics

In this 3 hour workshop, you will learn:

  • the fundamentals of anxiety - what it is and how it works

  • how to reduce the negative impact of anxiety on your child and on your family

  • concrete strategies for helping children learn to be brave and manage anxiety effectively

Your registration fee of $65 includes the live 3 hour workshop as well as a digital download of all slides and materials.

You’ll leave this workshop with a solid understanding of anxiety and (at least the beginnings of) your personalized parenting plan to help your anxious child master anxiety.

Are YOU ready to help your child thrive?

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